Your year-end contribution helps PCAF clients rewrite the scripts of their lives.

Dear Friend,

This year marks the 30th annual commemoration of World AIDS Day. In the early days of the epidemic, the vast number of people affected by HIV did not think about long-term survivorship. With your help, PCAF now serves many long-term survivors, a number of whom were told they would not live for more than a year.

Ron found out he was HIV positive 18 years ago. At the time, he knew nothing about HIV, and felt overwhelmed and extremely isolated.

“I lost so many friends at that time. They all left me. I wanted to end my life.”

He was so devastated by the news that he found himself standing on a bridge, ready to jump, when a friend stopped Ron and brought him to Tacoma to live with him.

So much has changed since that pivotal moment. Over the years, Ron has learned how to live and flourish as a person with HIV. He has found a community and true friends. Today, Ron is a PCAF Community Advisory Board member committed to linking those in his Deaf community to the resources and services you help provide here at PCAF. Ron reaches out to people who have no interpreter and shares what he has learned.

It’s my way of helping. It’s really opened up doors and friendships for me, it’s wonderful. I enjoy my social time at PCAF. It’s my family, my true family.”

You helped Ron change his life story from being overwhelmed and uncertain to living a life with stability, community, and hope. Because of your support, people like Ron have access to support groups, case management, and other programs to help them navigate the challenges they face.

Please consider making a gift today and help people like Ron rewrite the script of their lives. Your support connects them to safe and affordable housing, nutritious food, medical case management, and a sense of community.

With gratitude,

Erick Seelbach
Executive Director

P.S. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch the video below so you can see firsthand how your support helps long-term HIV survivors like Ron.