Client 4

Their [PCAF staff] compassion for all clients is evident in their actions as well as in their conversations.… Read more →

Client 3

PCAF has helped me at my lowest and made me feel important as a person, and always with smiles and open hearts. That’s what people need—just to know other people care. If there is anything I can do in the future to help PCAF help other people, I’m doing it without a doubt.… Read more →

Client 2

PCAF has been a blessing to me, easy to get to and easy to find, and the service has been wonderful. Also, the workers at the front desk have been nothing but wonderful, helping us to get everything we need.… Read more →

Client 1

The amount of time that I have been with PCAF, I am superbly satisfied and thankful for ALL the services that are offered.  I look to my case manager not just as that but as a very good friend as well. I thank PCAF and everyone there for all the respect and kindness that I have been shown.… Read more →