How Your Gift Helps

Your support helps us continue to provide HIV/AIDS-related care, support, and prevention services to the South Sound community. Check out the list below to see how your donation benefits the community and people served by PCAF.

$15 – Stock the Fridge

A gift of $15 provides essential foods for people affected by HIV/AIDS who might not otherwise have access to the necessary nutrition everyone needs to live happy and healthy lives. Your support at this level helps to keep our community healthy and our clients’ fridges stocked.

$25 – Share the Knowledge

Education is an essential aspect of PCAF’s prevention outreach, and an informed community is a healthy community. A gift of $25 funds a one-hour HIV Education presentation, enabling members of our community to access the information they need to make positive decisions and take charge of their health and well-being.

$50 – Onboard a New Client

Before PCAF starts providing the essential services that our new clients need, the client’s information must be processed and entered into our system, typically costing the organization $50 for each new client. A gift of this amount covers the start up cost for one new client and marks the first step in their relationship with PCAF.

$100 – Provide a Counseling Session

PCAF works with licensed medical professionals to provide our clients with Mental Health Counseling Sessions that last for one hour. A gift of $100 enables us to connect one of our clients with a medical professional for a counseling session, helping them lead a balanced life while encouraging them to continue contributing to our community.

$200 – Fund HIV Testing

One of the most important services that PCAF offers, HIV testing is the first step in providing education, treatment, and even preventing the spread of HIV. A gift of $200 provides testing for 5 individuals, helping them to stay informed about their health so they can begin receiving the proper treatment they may need.