Host an Event

Host a Fundraising Event to Benefit PCAF

PCAF is fortunate to be the recipient of funds raised through special events planned by individuals, businesses, and organizations. These events are an important component of the fundraising plan, and help not only to draw in unrestricted funds that we can put to use where we have the greatest need, but also to provide public education, recruit volunteers, and increase community awareness about HIV/AIDS efforts. As we depend on philanthropy to make PCAF great, your help in raising funds is appreciated!

A party or event you are already planning can easily become a fundraiser for PCAF. Here are just a few ideas:

  •  Dinner party/progressive dinner– Cook something delicious and ask your guests to make a donation.
  •  Movie night– Watch a movie and charge an “entrance fee”! Provide popcorn and other goodies for your friends.
  • Superbowl party– Root for the Seahawks (or your favorite team)! Ask guests for a donation when they arrive.
  • Weddings– Celebrating the big day? Start your new journey off by giving back as a couple. Ask your guests to donate in lieu of providing wedding gifts.
  • Cookout– Have a BBQ and while enjoying good eats and sunshine, you and your guests can also contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS!
  • Bake sale– Make your favorite treats and sell them at your school, church or other community centers and donate the proceeds to PCAF!
  • Birthday party with a purpose– Celebrate who you are by inviting your guests to join the conversation about HIV/AIDS and asking your guests for donations instead of presents.
  • Yard sale– One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Make that treasure shine even brighter by donating your profits to PCAF.

There are many other creative events you can host to benefit PCAF!  Please e-mail Jill Rose (, Director of Development and Communications. We look forward to discussing your ideas with you!