Portrait of a Pandemic extended through April 15th at the PCAF Art Gallery

PCAF ART Gallery offers art created by PCAF staff, inspired during the pandemic in collaboration with the theme, COVID CREATIVITY: Portrait of a Pandemic. What to do when hit hard by a second pandemic, equally loaded with stigma, discrimination, bias, and disparity? We here at PCAF know to lean into beauty. With COVID currently cloaking our landscape, we call upon art to see us through. We see art as vital for well-being, central to our mission, and believe that art changes us. Art and beauty are viewed as vital for well-being, and go a long way to serving us individually and collectively with themes of identity, representation, resilience, healing, and expression. In the end, we’re all aiming to better ourselves and to end the HIV epidemic. To make it through the current pandemic and persevere with the work that’s before us. We propose art. We propose leaning in. All are welcome.

Featuring: PCAF STAFF

Show runs through April 15, 2022 at the PCAF Art Gallery in the PCAF Tacoma office.