As you know, we are in the process of finding PCAF’s next ED/CEO. We’ve been working behind the scenes for a few months and wanted to provide an update on the steps we’re taking and where we are in the process.

A Hiring Committee, co-chaired by PCAF board members Russell Campbell and Chris Barrans, has been formed and is guiding this process. This group represents a variety of perspectives and consists of former staff and current staff, former board members, current clients, and community members. This committee is tasked with the following:

  • Review and recommend a search firm
  • Create a job description and contribute to the position profile
  • Attend and participate in meetings and interviews
  • Screen applicants for qualifications

 Information Gathering 

  • Staff identified the top qualities considered important for our new ED, and had the opportunity to meet with the search firm staff to provide input into desired qualifications, skills, and strengths for the position
  • Stakeholders and community members will have the opportunity to participate in a meet and greet with final candidates, likely in May
  • The intention is to ensure the candidates we attract possess the beliefs that align with our mission and values and have a proven commitment to racial equity work social justice.

Search Firm

  • Contracted with Hagel Executive Search to conduct the search
  • The Position Profile is available and open with full consideration given to application packets completed by April 22. 
  • Please help us spread the word about this opportunity and send prospective candidates to the Hagel Executive Search website for more information.
  • Any inquiries regarding the position and all application materials should be made via the Hagel Executive Search website. PCAF is unable to respond to inquiries or provide additional information to ensure an equitable process for all candidates. 

Next Steps

  • Working with the search firm, the hiring committee will conduct an initial review of candidate profiles and select a group of candidates for first-round interviews.
  • Stakeholders (that’s YOU!) will have the opportunity to meet final candidates at an open house and to provide feedback that will be included in the decision-making process.
  • It is anticipated that final candidate interviews and meet and greets will be held in mid to late May 2022 with a decision made shortly thereafter.

We are focused on finding the right person to meet PCAF’s and our community’s needs that will lead us boldly into the future.

We are committed to our clients and community and are grateful for your continued support.

Are you interested in applying for the PCAF Executive Director position or do you know someone who should apply? Check out the job description at the link below.