In 2009, Viki was living in her car with her dog when she tested positive for HIV. As you might imagine, that moment was a huge turning point in her life. Faced with this unexpected news, Viki had the courage to take action. “Within three days, I was able to get off the streets, and that week, I made a decision to be substance free.”

How did she do it?

She did it because of donors like you.

Viki was courageous. She got herself to PCAF and was connected to housing. She found tools that helped her do the hard work of fighting addiction. And she found support as she reconciled her relationship with her son. Your support helped her and many others like Viki along the way.

Today, Viki is living a happier and healthier life. She has found a calling in volunteering and giving back to her community. And now, Viki is PCAF’s first Peer Navigator, helping others living with HIV to lead better lives.

“As I move into my new role, I bring life experiences, persistence, resilience – and I’m a survivor. My path is going to make others able to travel down their road easier. I want them to know that I’m there to support them. They are not alone.”

Your support of PCAF provides life changing resources to people like Viki. Your investment connects them to safe and affordable housing, nutritious food, medical case management, and a sense of community.

Thank you for your generous support this year. Please help us continue to do the important work of improving the lives of people like Viki by making an additional year end gift.

In this season celebrating hope, family, community, and giving, we have much to be grateful for. We are especially grateful for your partnership in the pursuit of social justice and equity.

With gratitude,

Erick Seelbach, PCAF Executive Director