PCAF has been doing the internal work of dismantling systems of oppression and practices that are rooted in racism and have perpetuated the objectives of white supremacy. We are collectively building our shared vision of our future and the organization that we must be to fulfill our mission. This work is being done by utilizing the following framework:

Accountability, Decision Making, Power

We are reshaping ourselves and our organization in order to build a lasting culture of acknowledgment, accountability, and collaborative decision-making.

Recruitment, Hiring, and Pay

We are removing barriers that prevent recruiting, hiring, and retaining personnel who are representative of the communities we serve in order to increase representation among staff at all levels of the organization, and with compensation that reflects our values.

Community Relations

We are creating a culture of transparency and repairing relationships while also improving communication both internally and externally.

Supporting BIPOC Staff

We are identifying tangible ways to build trust with BIPOC staff with transparency, communication, and acknowledging past harm caused.

Equitable Services, Programming, and Client Care

We are ensuring that we provide services equitably by monitoring and evaluating service delivery data each month.