In May 2021, PCAF formed an Equity Workgroup in response to a call to action by PCAF staff members for more transparency and accountability, and to address institutionalized and systemic racism.  We are engaged in deep organizational work to transform the agency and be better equipped to address the public health crisis of systemic racism.

In July 2021, the PCAF Equity Workgroup addressed the need for an equity assessment at PCAF to provide purpose and clarity to guide PCAF’s work, to allow for individual and collective ownership of equity work, and to create accountability as we work towards our desired outcomes.

A staff committee was appointed to research and create an equity response statement. The draft went back and forth a few times between the two groups over several months, and then was shared with all PCAF staff, to provide opportunities for feedback and comments which were collected and incorporated into the statement. This draft was shared with the PCAF Board of Directors in the fall of 2021. The Board reviewed and gave feedback resulting in additional modifications.