Decline to Sign I-1552

Discrimination may be on the November ballot in Washington.

Recently, the ballot title and language were finalized for I-1552, a harmful new initiative that seeks to repeal our state’s long-standing non-discrimination protections for our transgender friends, family members and neighbors.

Now that the ballot initiative is approved, I-1552 backers have five months to collect 260,000 valid signatures. If they succeed—transgender protections in Washington could be up for a public vote this November.

We’re joining with Washington Won’t Discriminate to immediately stand against this terrible initiative. We ask that you add your name to say that you will “Decline to Sign” any petition that would repeal our non-discrimination laws.

You’ve heard of HB2—North Carolina’s anti-transgender law that devastated the state’s economy, tarnished its reputation and spurred a national boycott? Well, I-1552 is just like HB2. But we can’t let Washington be like North Carolina. We cannot allow discrimination into our state. It’s bad for our communities, and bad for our economy.

Petitioners will start collecting signatures for this discriminatory initiative immediately. If we’re going to keep I-1552 off the ballot, we must unite—right now—to say: We will not discriminate in our state.

Decline to Sign: Join us by adding your name to help keep I-1552 off Washington’s ballot.

Thank you for being a part of the movement to defend our state’s non-discrimination laws—and affirm the values that unite us as Washingtonians.