Budget Update

We all breathed a sigh of relief as the Governor signed the new State budget late Friday night. And though we are happy to get back to taking care of our clients and communities, we are also taking a look at how we responded to the circumstances.

As you know, we spent a fair amount of time preparing for the possibility of not having a budget in place. Using values-based leadership and a collaborative process, we had a plan ready to implement that would preserve our services and resources to the best of our abilities. We communicated about our process and the plan to clients, staff, Board, funders, and community partners.

And through it all we  reaffirmed  a few things:

  •      transparency and communication are critically important and central to our values;
  •      PCAF is well prepared to face adversity;
  •      we are surrounded by communities that care about us.  

While it was certainly stressful to face the spectre of a government shutdown, courage, compassion, and resilience helped us make it through. We are deeply appreciative  for the partnerships, the collaboration, the creativity, and the strength of our Board and staff as they held the center. We are full of gratitude for our communities’ support and patience as we let you know what was happening, even as what was happening was rapidly changing. Thank you  for your continued involvement with and support of PCAF.


Yours in service,

Erick Seelbach

Executive Director