Advocacy Alert: Action Needed

There is currently a proposal before the Pierce County Council to preemptively ban Safe Consumption Sites, a proposal that goes against the long history of harm reduction in our county and that cuts us off from even the possibility of using a public health intervention to address the opiate crisis that has been proven effective in Europe and Canada.

For more information on Safe Consumption Sites, see this page put together by the people in Seattle who are organizing for a pilot site:

We at PCAF are proud to stand up against a ban of safe consumption sites. If you, too, believe we should make public policy decisions based on research and evidence, and not based on fear and stigma, we ask that you write to your Pierce County Council member or call them directly and let them know you oppose this ban.

This link will take you to the Pierce County Council site with information about R2018-32, a Resolution of the Pierce County Council Expressing its Intention to Prohibit the Siting of Supervised Drug Consumption Sites in Unincorporated Pierce County:

The Proposal will be heard and debated at the next meeting of the Pierce County Council on April 3rd at 3:00 pm at 930 Tacoma Avenue South, Room 1045, Tacoma, WA 98402. Please submit your comments before this time.

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