A message from Erick Seelbach and PCAF’s Board of Directors

September 27, 2021

It is with mixed emotions that I announce my departure from PCAF, effective November 3rd. Passing the milestone of my 50th birthday earlier in the year, along with personal experiences of the past year or two, caused me to take a deep look at where I am and what I’m doing. During that process of discernment, I realized that I have been avoiding my calling for many years. It was a difficult decision, but it’s time for me to step fully into that calling. I will be going into private practice as a consultant, life coach, healer, and ceremonialist. 

For nearly 35 years, PCAF has been serving those affected by HIV and working diligently to end the HIV epidemic and combat HIV-related stigma. During my time at PCAF, I have helped the organization achieve greater financial stability, deepen community relationships, and streamline internal processes. I am proud that PCAF staff have taken the lead on a new level of accountability and equity work throughout the organization. This important work is held by staff members as well as the board and will continue during and after the transition to a new and visionary leader who will take PCAF forward as a leader in the field of HIV. 

On a personal note, I’m not leaving Tacoma, and I will remain a staunch supporter of PCAF in the future. I know that my work leaves a strong foundation for my successor and that PCAF is in good hands with a talented, capable, and dedicated staff team to support this transition and beyond.

I have a deep appreciation for this community and have greatly enjoyed representing PCAF in its effort to end HIV in the South Sound. 

Erick Seelbach

Executive Director

The PCAF Board of Directors is grateful to Erick for the energy, vision, and heart dedicated to the clients and community we serve over Erick’s past five years with the organization. We wish Erick the absolute best for all the future holds. 

While it will be impossible to replace all that Erick has brought to PCAF, we are committed to finding the right person to lead the organization – a person who is a match for PCAF’s values and who will bring new strengths as the organization moves forward to fulfill our commitment to ending the HIV epidemic and addressing the underlying equity issues that drive it.  

The board will be establishing a hiring committee to determine the process of filling the position, and we’ll keep you informed moving forward.

PCAF has a tremendously skilled staff, and I have every confidence in their ability to make this a smooth transition for the individuals and community we serve. 

We greatly appreciate the ongoing support of you, our community partners, through this transition. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Erick at eseelbach@pcaf-wa.org or Maggie at info@pcaf-wa.org.

Maggie Webb

Maggie Webb, President

PCAF Board of Directors