World AIDS Day

Wednesday December 1 virtual event, 6-7 pm

2021 marks 40 years since the first five cases of what later became known as AIDS were officially reported. PCAF will honor World AIDS Day this year by reflecting on the intersections of two pandemics—the HIV pandemic and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join us for a live and interactive one-hour online program featuring a curated panel discussion reflecting on historical and current events and the personal, community, and global impacts that result.


Jeannie Darneille, Former State Senator and the first PCAF Executive Director

Eldonna Beal, PCAF Women, Infant, Children, Youth Medical Case Manager and a long-term survivor

Miki Kupu, Co-Founder of U.T.O.P.I.A. San Francisco, Nurse and Client.

David Weissman, Documentary Director “We Were Here”

We’ve all been impacted by HIV and COVID-19. How each of us is impacted depends on our lived experiences, the privilege and power we hold or don’t hold, access to resources, systemic racism, and other inequities faced by marginalized communities. We’ll explore these questions and others:

  • HIV and COVID-19 have both impacted some communities disproportionately to others. What are the similarities and differences in how each disease has impacted people, and what conclusions should we draw from that? 
  • What lessons did we, as communities and a society, learn from the HIV epidemic that helped us respond to COVID-19? 
  • What lessons should we have learned?

As always, the program will include time to memorialize those who have died from AIDS and to honor those currently living with HIV or AIDS. We invite community members to contribute to the Virtual Memorial. The event will be broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook platforms. ASL interpretation will be provided.

Dual Pandemics: Experience at the Intersection

PCAF is proud to continue the tradition of public art grappling with the issues of HIV and AIDS in our society. 

Facilitated by local artist Aisha Harrison, PCAF clients, community members, and staff have created multimedia community art pieces that are on display around the South Sound at local businesses leading up to and following World AIDS Day.

The artwork is collaboratively created by people who have each been impacted by HIV in unique ways. Participants painted, wrote, and assembled these pieces to communicate their experiences of living during times of hardship and hope, privilege and power, stigma and isolation, and inequities faced by us all.

This art serves as a visual reminder and archive of the impact of these pandemics as well as to generate awareness about HIV and reduce HIV related stigma.

Thanks to all participating businesses and to the Tacoma Arts Commission for making this project possible. 

Be sure to visit the following businesses to view the art installations during the month of December:

Basilico Ristorante
PCAF Olympia

Alma Mater
Primo Grill
Tacoma Urban Performing Arts Center
Stocklist Goods