Our Services

PCAF offers medical case management and client care coordination for people living with HIV in the South Sound region. Our case managers work with clients to increase access to medical care, prescription medications, and health insurance.  While these are our priorities, staff recognize that other factors also play a role in accessing resources, and because of this we offer referrals to many resources and programs outside of medical needs.

If you or someone you know would benefit from any of the services listed here, call the Tacoma office at (253) 383-2565 or the Olympia office at (360) 352-2375, or email  info@piercecountyaids.org for more information. All services are provided at no cost.

  • Case Management – A link between persons with HIV or AIDS and community resources with specialized case management for women, children and families.
  • Care Coordination – A safety net program for persons with HIV or AIDS who are able to manage care themselves but need occasional assistance.
  • Housing Program – Seeks safe and affordable housing for clients. Manages housing subsidy programs. Serves as liaison to other housing programs.
  • Housing Subsidies – Tenant-based rental assistance is available on a limited basis.
  • Nutritional Food Program – Brown Bags of Basic NeedsA program that provides bags of groceries for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Transportation Vouchers – Assistance with local transportation or for emergency long-distance travel. Includes bus passes, taxicab vouchers, and gas cards.
  • Mental Health Services – Psychiatric treatment provided by Community Health Care staff, mental health vouchers and referral and linkage to community mental health services. For more information on our mental health services, including psychiatric treatment and mental health vouchers, check out our Mental Health Case Management Brochure.
  • Mental Health Vouchers – Mental health counseling support through local therapists for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.
  • Emergency Grants – Financial support for emergencies such as utility shutoff, medications, basic telephone, and rental/mortgage assistance.
  • Chemical Dependency Services – Chemical dependency assessment and referral, counseling and support, education and lecture groups and chemical dependency groups provided by HASAP (HIV/AIDS Substance Abuse Program).
  • Support Groups – An opportunity for clients to share their experiences with others in a similar situation.
  • Essential Needs Bank – Free bags of essential needs for people living with HIV/AIDS, containing toiletries, cleaning and household supplies.
  • Medication Adherence and Support Services – Medication adherence support, counseling and education.
  • Legal Clinic – Clients can discuss estate planning and other civil legal needs with a licensed professional the 1st Thursday of each month.

Linkage to Care

Our services Linkage to CareOngoing support and medication adherence are key factors in managing HIV. If you or someone you know is HIV positive and are having difficulties keeping connected to support and services, the Linkage to Care program can help!

While linkage to care is a critical first step in an HIV diagnosis, ongoing engagement and retention in care is equally important to achieving improved health outcomes and viral load suppression for persons living with HIV. The Linkage to Care program helps HIV positive persons reconnect to medical treatment and case management and directly addresses individual barriers to those services. The Linkage Coordinator works with individuals who are HIV positive to help them understand what it means to live with HIV, offers information about possible treatment options, helps navigate systems, offers support and makes referrals that promote overall health. The goal of the program is to help HIV positive people live the highest quality of life possible and to reinforce positive health behaviors.

If you would like more information, please contact Rohan Marrero at rmarrero@piercecountyaids.org.

Support Groups

PCAF offers multiple support groups for those living with HIV. These groups offer clients an opportunity to share their experiences and advice with others facing similar situations. If you would like more information on what types of support groups we offer, check out our Support Groups page.

Services are subject to availability and eligibility.