PCAF COVID-19 Response Update

As I reach out to you at this time, I want you to know that all of us at PCAF share a deep care for you and your loved ones. You are in our minds and hearts. We find ourselves in uncertain times, yet one thing is certain, we are a community that will come together to support each other now, as we have in the past. 

While this pandemic is new, many of us have been through similar experiences and emotions as we watched loved ones die in the early days of the AIDS crisis.… Read more →

In Memoriam:

PCAF lights our candle of remembrance today to honor and remember members of our local community who died under mysterious circumstances or were murdered at the hands of police: Manuel Ellis (Tacoma), Yvonne McDonald (Olympia), and Jackie Salyers (Tacoma). We also want to remember the countless others whose names we don’t know and whose stories did not receive media attention.… Read more →